Clinical NeuroScience (CNS) or FUNCTIONAL NEUROLOGY has developed from basic neuroscience principles and an understanding of how the most recent scientific research can be applied to patient care.

When you visit our office, you'll see that we utilize physical, sensory-integration and cognitive activities to create plasticity.  What makes our approach different is the way in which these activities are applied, uniquely for each individual, and with the specific goal of generating plasticity in under-functioning parts of the brain.

Our non-invasive, thorough evaluation of the nervous system gives a functional window into which parts of the brain might be under-performing.  This evaluation becomes a blueprint for which activities will be chosen and how each activity will be applied for each individual.  In other words, if a child with AD/HD is found to have an under-functioning right frontal lobe, then therapies that are known to target that area will be chosen.  If a child with the same diagnosis has an under-functioning left cerebellum, then activities that are known to target that area will be utilized.

Regardless of which activity is chosen, there are several principles of neurological rehabilitation that we employ to create an environment that has the highest probability of creating plasticity in the weakest areas of the brain.  In fact, this is the core of our program.  Our evaluation leads us to an under-functioning anatomical part of the brain; activities that target that anatomical part are utilized; the activities are applied in a specific way that maximizes the potential that plasticity will be created in the under-performing part; and progress is monitored through evidence-based assessment tools.

Trailer: "Hope Restored: Functional Neurology Serves Humanity"

"Hope Restored" is a short subject documentary that tells the story of how Functional Neurology, a relatively new form of modern medical practice, is changing the way we view neurological disorders. Enjoy the trailer and click on to learn more about the film.