Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy, is a condition resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves, which are responsible for transmitting signals between the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the rest of the body. This disorder can manifest through diverse symptoms like tingling, numbness, weakness, and pain in the feet, hands, and other affected areas. The treatment approach for neuropathy depends on the underlying cause and the severity of the condition.

Connections Brain-Based Therapy Center offers exceptional pain treatments for various conditions, including neuropathy, brain injury, sports injury, epilepsy, headaches, and depression. As the region's leading brain and neurological rehabilitation facility, we are dedicated to providing top-notch care to our patients.

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Understanding Neuropathy:

Neuropathy encompasses a range of diseases linked to nerve malfunction caused by damage, conditions, or injuries. This category can be further categorized as follows:

  1. Peripheral Neuropathy: Involves nerve issues outside the brain and spinal cord, affecting areas such as the hands, arms, fingers, legs, toes, and feet.
  2. Cranial Neuropathy: The nerves exiting the brain that affect hearing and eyesight.
  3. Autonomic Neuropathy: Pertains to the nerves of the involuntary nervous system, impacting circulation, digestion, and blood pressure.
  4. Focal Neuropathy: Involves one or a group of nerves in a specific area.


Causes of Neuropathy:

Neuropathy, also known as peripheral neuropathy, can have various causes. It arises when damage affects the peripheral nerves responsible for conveying signals between the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the rest of the body. Identifying the underlying causes of neuropathy is crucial for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Symptoms of Neuropathy:

Neuropathy symptoms are distinct and can vary depending on the type of nerves affected (sensory, motor, or autonomic) and the extent of the damage. Typically, individuals experience a progression of symptoms as their neuropathy worsens.


Effective Treatments for Neuropathy:

Tailoring neuropathy treatment to each patient based on their specific symptoms, medical history, and underlying cause is essential. Timely diagnosis and prompt treatment are vital to avoid or minimize further nerve damage and enhance the quality of life for neuropathy patients. At our facility, we offer a comprehensive list of treatments, including:

  1. Vibrational Therapy
  2. Class IV-Laser Therapy
  3. Pulsed Frequency Therapy
  4. Repeated Peripheral Somatosensory Stimulation
  5. Multimodal Sensory Stimulation
  6. Dietary Adjustments with Supplements
  7. Spinal Manipulation
  8. Exercise Therapy


Benefits of Neuropathy Treatments:

Neuropathy treatments yield numerous benefits for individuals experiencing neuropathic symptoms. The specific advantages depend on the type of treatment used and the underlying cause of the neuropathy. These treatments have a profoundly positive impact on the lives of our patients each day, significantly improving their well-being and overall health.